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seX & whY episode 14: COVID-19 through a gender-based lens

Host: Jeannette Wolfe

Guests: Dr Gary Barker CEO of Promundo- an organization that promotes healthy masculinity and gender equality; Dr Stephen Burrell Assistant Professor in the Dept of Sociology at Durham University – whose area of focus in on engaging men and boys in the prevention of violence against women.

Today’s podcast features the first part of our discussion which focuses on how “gender” roles and norms impact general health and the COVID-19 pandemic. Both of our guests are experts on how societal perceptions and stereotypes surrounding “masculinity” influence the health and well-being of both men and women. Through Promundo, Dr Barker has done significant amounts of work in Brazil where toxic masculinity has been associated with the early deaths of millions of young men and Dr Burrell recently wrote the article: Coronavirus reveals just how deep macho stereotypes run through society.

Part 1: seX & whY episode 14, part 1: COVID-19 through a gender-based lens.

Part 2: seX & whY episode 14, part 2: COVID-19 through a gender-based lens.