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Low wages and a persistent wage gap contributed to thousands of women leaving the workforce, according to a new study from SFU.

Nearly 350,000 Canadian women who lost their jobs during the pandemic hadn’t returned to work as of February 2021, highlighting existing gender inequalities and pushing women’s employment to a two decade low.

COVID vaccine trials: Where are the women? | DW | 12.07.2021
Worldwide, women are reporting worse side effects after COVID vaccinations than men. But the data is hard to find — most studies ignore gender and sex.
UK government ‘failed to consider gender’ in its response to Covid pandemic
Sage overlooked the heavy toll suffered by women when developing policies to combat coronavirus, says study
Lessons from the past: protecting women and girls from violence during COVID-19 
A gender perspective on public health is essential to human rights and safety in crisis situations.
The Guardian view on women and the pandemic: what happened to building back better? | Editorial
Editorial: Around the world, coronavirus has both highlighted and worsened existing inequalities
How coronavirus is setting women’s rights back decades
Covid has taken millions of lives and livelihoods around the world, but it is also exacerbating existing gender inequalities. Natasha Preskey, Sophie Gallagher and Harriet Hall take a look at ...
The Pandemic Has Given Women a New Kind of Rage
As Gloria Steinem said, “The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off.”
EHRC urged to investigate ministers for 'equality failures' in Covid response
Exclusive: TUC, Amnesty and others say decisions have worsened impact on women and watchdog should act
When a Contagion Comes, Women Bear a Heavy Burden
While contagions like Covid-19 might kill more men, the impact of a pandemic on women's lives is vast and understudied.

A tsunami of health issues is coming if the government doesn’t address the long-term effects of coronavirus

The toxic debate of health versus economy is reductive, an onslaught of illnesses is certain without any investment or planning for the future, says Clare Wenham

Opinion: Women bear the brunt of lockdown, so is it feminist to support another?
The UK lockdown in March saw rises in domestic violence, increased childcare and domestic burdens on women, limits on paid employment and potentially career reversals
Can Covid-19 advance gender equality in China’s health policies?
The coronavirus pandemic revealed the disconnect between wishful official edicts and rigid social conventions.
Panama's trans community failed by gendered lockdown measures – report
LSE finds country’s sex-segregated distancing rules may have reproduced inequalities and injustices for trans people

Pandemic could trigger a ‘baby boom’ as millions of women lose access to contraception and abortion

Close to two million women and girls have lost access to contraceptives and abortion services during the coronavirus pandemic, with experts predicting the disruption could trigger a “baby boom” in parts of the globe.

Why Are More Men Than Women Dying Of COVID-19?
The novel coronavirus seems to be killing more men than women. The trend was first noticed in China, experts say, and the higher COVID-19 death rate for men has…
Does coronavirus affect men more than women?
The absence of data makes it impossible to confirm whether covid-19 affects men more; however, the number of male deaths has been higher

Does lockdown mean the return of the ‘Trad Wife’?

“From now on”, I declared to the hubby at the end of February, “we’re going 50:50. At home; with the kids; with EVERYTHING that isn’t our own ‘work’. Sound good?”….

The one place planning a ‘feminist economic recovery’ from Covid-19

Last month, a small collection of islands in Hawaii made history. In a vote at its local government office on a Friday afternoon, Maui County became the first place in the world to explicitly commit to involving and prioritising women and gender equality in its Covid-19 recovery plan.


COVID-19's impact on women's well-being
Dr. Julia Smith from Women’s Health Research Institute explains how COVID-19 impacts women’s mental and emotional health.


The Bunker: Why Corona is a feminist issue
Coronavirus has put women out of work more frequently than men, led to a spike in domestic violence, pushed women’s healthcare down the list of priorities, and set the scene for a mental health ...
Ep. 51: Governing a Pandemic — IVM Podcasts - Indian Podcasts for you to listen to
Sara Davies joins host Hamsini Hariharan to discuss global health governance in light of the pandemic and the future of the World Health Organisation. For questions or comments, reach out to the host ...
Public Health On Call: 032 - Are Men More Susceptible to COVID-19?
Globally, more men are dying from COVID-19 than women. But is this due to sex (biological differences), gender (social and contextual differences), or something else entirely? Stephanie Desmon talks ...
Next Up podcast: COVID’s gender gap
In this inaugural episode of Modern Healthcare's new podcast, Dr. Rosemary Morgan of John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health about the big and small ways the COVID-19 pandemic is ...
Dr. Rosemary Morgan: Gender norms, ill-fitting face masks, and making a difference (one cat at a ...
Dr. Rosemary Morgan is an Assistant Scientist at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the Department of International Health, with a joint position in the School of Nursing. She has ...
Podcast COVID19 with HKU | EP2: Coronavirus: Men vs Women with Dr Karen Grépin - Fight Covid-19
How are we as a society managing gender differences during this COVID19 crisis? Is the burden of elderly and childcare being shared equally between men and women?
#13 Global ‘Gender and Covid19 Working Group’ - IWD2021 Special with Clare Wenham and Anne ...
Listen to this episode from The Feminist Lens on Spotify. Today we will be speaking to two incredible guests who are here to represent and in their own right and expertise the Global ‘Gender and ...


Social, economic effects of COVID hitting women harder
New research published in Nature indicates the social and economic impacts of COVID-19 falls much harder on women than on men.
International Public Health Crisis Can Compound Gender Inequities
Women make up 70 percent of the global health workforce and just 20 percent of the World Health Organization COVID-19 emergency response committee. We examine the significance of representation in ...


There is mounting evidence that COVID-19 has gendered impacts.
In this Exchange— coordinated by the Independent Panel and Women in Global Health— you’ll hear about impact of COVID-19 on gender imbalances
On May 11th, the North Vancouver Chamber hosted ELEVATE: Women in the Workforce – Support in a Post-COVID Economy.
Keynote address at the FHI360 Virtual Gender Summit on the gendered impacts of COVID
COVID-19 Through a Sex and Gender Lens: Implications for Women’s Health and Wellbeing
Understanding the Gendered Dimensions of COVID-19
Rosemary Morgan – COVID-19 & the need for gender responsive pandemic preparedness & response plans

Gender Working Group

We meet online every month to discuss key issues, activities, opportunities and ideas for collaboration. We have a long and growing list of resources on gender and public health emergencies.



Gender Working Group

We meet online every month to discuss key issues, activities, opportunities and ideas for collaboration. We have a long and growing list of resources on gender and public health emergencies.