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Essays on equality, COVID-19 edition

The Global Institute for Women’s Leadership has been among those looking at the varying impacts of the crisis on women and men. In a survey carried out in the third week of May, we found that men in the UK are more likely to think childcare is getting in the way of their jobs – despite women taking on more of it during lockdown. At the same time, women appear to be carrying out more vital community-minded responsibilities. Seven in 10 say they’ve offered help to friends, family and neighbours during this crisis, compared with six in 10 men. The survey also found notable differences in how women and men have been coping with the UK’s lockdown and their concerns about life gradually returning to normal. GIWL will continue to explore how women and men are being affected by this crisis, as well as carrying out research into the measures taken to address the unprecedented changes we’re seeing.

Global Institute for Women’s Leadership. (2020) “Essays on Equality, COVID-19 Edition.” Kings College London.