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Everybody hates me: let’s talk about stigma – Dr. Rosemary Morgan: gender norms, ill-fitting face masks, and making a difference (one cat at a time)

In this podcast we talk about gender power relationships, who has a seat at the table on COVID-19 leadership, and how gender inequities impact all of us. We discuss how intersectionality helps us to see the nuances of gender, race and linkages with health outcomes, how gender is fluid and dynamic, and the impact of gender inequities on labour, decision making, and perceived worth. Most healthcare workers on the front lines working with patients are women, and women are disproportionately infected with COVID-19: could this be related to the lack of medical masks designed for women’s bodies? We talk about the need for both policy and grassroots change and the slow moving nature of change. At the family level, showcasing examples of how caregiving, dishes, and vacuuming are adult (not gender specific) responsibilities can be combined with policy and procedural changes to level the playing field. We talk about COVID-19 as a window of opportunity to accelerate change on gender norms. Finally we talk about zombie movies as a different genre of horror, and cats–how many cats are ideal and how we can make a difference one cat at a time.

Logie, Carmen. (2020). Everybody Hates Me: Let’s Talk About Stigma – Dr. Rosemary Morgan: Gender norms, ill-fitting face masks, and making a difference (one cat at a time).