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Everybody hates me: let’s talk about stigma – Dr. LaRon Nelson: from HIV to COVID-19 stigma, in search of our common humanity (and giraffes!)

In this podcast we travel back to the 1980’s to learn about how early experiences of HIV stigma and LGBTQ stigma shaped the path that Dr. LaRon Nelson currently traverses regarding working to reduce multiple forms of stigma, including racism, LGBTQ stigma and HIV related stigma in diverse global contexts. We also discuss the importance of stigma solutions at structural levels, searching for our common humanity, and our shared love of giraffes (and what they can teach us).

Logie, Carmen. (2020). Everybody Hates Me: Let’s Talk About Stigma – Dr. LaRon Nelson: From HIV to COVID-19 Stigma, In Search of our Common Humanity (and Giraffes!)