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COVID-19 expert database

We are a global team of public health experts offering relevant COVID-19 insights for journalists, fact-checkers, and community information leaders.

Our goal is to support your efforts to inform your communities.

We are committed to making important and topical COVID-19 information accessible and deadline-friendly to newsrooms, freelance journalists, fact-checking organizations, and communicators around the world in the languages important for you and your audiences.

In the COVID-19 Expert Database, we provide context, summaries, and responses to key COVID-19 topics and questions quickly, and are happy to follow-up with more information as-needed, especially when new research might shift the latest scientific understanding of an issue.

Our content comes directly from partnerships with journalists, fact-checking organizations and other non-profit organizations to make sure our research and summaries cover the topics that matter the most.

Our growing team of experts includes researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Stanford Health Communications Initiative, and scientists with experience working around the world and in multiple languages.

Meedan Digital Health Lab. (2020). COVID-19 Expert Database.

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