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COVID-19 and men: call for action – a statement by global action on men’s health

Men are significantly more likely than women to die as a result of COVID- 19 infection. The data is still far from complete but clearly shows much higher numbers of male deaths. In some countries, twice as many men are dying from COVID-19.

The reasons for men’s higher mortality rates are not yet clear but are likely to include both biological and behavioural factors, including a weaker immune response and higher smoking rates. Men are also more likely than women to be affected by a range of underlying conditions – cardiovascular disease and diabetes, for example – that increase their risk of death. Certain groups of men, such as those who are older, have low incomes or are from certain ethnic groups, are particularly vulnerable… 

Global Action on Men’s Health (2020). COVID-19 and Men: Call for Action – A statement by Global Action on Men’s Health.